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Born in the Bay, Growing in the Bay

In 2001 MnM Mobile Installation was founded with some parts and tools packed into a Scion xB with just Minh  behind the wheel.  Led by expertise and driven by his passion for cars Minh drove all around the bay doing professional installations for personal vehicles. Everywhere he went, Minh shared his passions of cars with clients, friends, family, and business partners alike. 

Minh's work ethic and quality of work spoke for itself and Bay Area companies began to take notice of his work. With the transition from retail to fleet installation Minh began building the MnM team and now the team does installations and services fleets all over the Bay Area. 

So what do we do? We provide a variety of car electronics and fleet services. Most notably we have installed tablets, mounts, badge readers, tracking, and dash cams for a wide variety of fleets. No fleets are completely the same. Knowing that, we sit down with each company to plan and discuss the best solutions for their fleet. 

Providing the best quality of work is ingrained in our DNA. As we continue growing we do not let the quantity of work dictate the quality of our work. We strive to be the best by providing expert service and building meaningful and lasting relationships, which in turn drives our culture of legendary customer service. 

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