Thinkware FA200 Set-up

1. Go into your device’s app store and install the Thinkware cloud app if you have not already done so.

2. Begin by making sure your Thinkware FA200 camera is plugged in and powered on, then proceed to press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the back of the camera until you hear the voice on the camera acknowledge that the Wi-Fi is enabled.

3. Go into your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to the network that has “thinkware” in it’s name

(there may be varying letters/numbers after “thinkware”)

4. Proceed to enter in the default pass-code which is 123456789 and connect to your Thinkware dashcam.

5. After connecting to your dashcam’s Wi-Fi, open the Thinkware Cloud app on your device, and check the status bar on the bottom of your screen it should say, “Connected via Wi-Fi”.

6. If your status bar does not say, “Connected via Wi-Fi” then click on the status bar and select “Connect via Wifi” then select “Next.” After a few seconds your dashcam will announce that it is connected to your device and then you can click the "x" in the top right hand corner. 

7. After successfully connecting to your dash cam you will select “Dash Cam Settings” from the main menu.


8. Then you will select “Record Setting”

9. Under “Continuous Mode Incident Recording Sensitivity” you will click on the sensitivity and select “Low”.

10. Under “Parking Mode” you will clicked where it says “Disabled” and change the setting to “Energy Saving.”

11. Under “Impact Sensitivity in Parking Mode” you will select “Low”


12. Check to make sure record time is set to “48hrs” and “Battery Protection” is on “Enabled.” These should be the default settings and should be kept that way.

13. Hit the back arrow on the top left hand corner and then select “System Settings,” the Time Zone for CA is “UTC- 7:00” if it is not set to that click on the bar underneath the time zone and set it to “UTC- 7:00”